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"Bye Bye Shine" 4-Step System

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Don't apologize for your oily or troubled skin anymore. Accept this 3-step system of The Foaming Cleanser, Bye Bye Shine Face Toner, and The Moisturizer with no regret. These are made for those who have oily or complex skin - a delicate combination that can be hard to maintain in this winter cold we all know so well. Using just these three products will leave your face feeling refreshed, clean, toned and moisturized!

Top it off with our Bye Bye Shine Whipped Clay Mask perfectly formulated for balancing your skin.

This 4-step system includes:

  • 1 x Foaming Cleanser
  • 1 x "Bye Bye Shine" Face Toner
  • 1 x Moisturizer
  • 1 x "Bye Bye Shine" Whipped Clay Face Mask

Skin Type: Oily to Combination